About us

What is ByHours.com?

We are the first online international booking platform that offers hotel rooms by the hour and the flexibility to choose the time of check-in and check-out.

Sets of 3, 6 and 12 hours

In any moment of the day, you might need only a few hours in a hotel. Save money and pay for the hours you need!

Who is behind this amazing idea?

We are based in Barcelona, the city we were born in. We're young, handsome and very friendly. And we have a really cool pet: our kangaroo!

  • Johana González

    Content Manager

  • Sara Orra

    CPO & Head of Hotels Department

  • Natalia Burmicky


  • Berta Simonyan

    Area Sales Manager (ES)

  • Claudia Sofía Morales

    Revenue Executive

  • Rosa González

    PR and Comms Manager

  • Kevin José Martínez

    Hotels Account Executive

  • Emilie Ausseil

    Revenue & Wecome Assistant

  • Alejandra Suarez

    Revenue Manager

  • Vanessa Wurm

    Hotels Account Executive

  • Diana Jiménez

    Revenue & Welcome Assistant

  • Monica Sampieri

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Yeray Brun


  • Maruxa Ribao

    Marketing Manager

  • Marisa Pérez

    Hotels Account Executive

  • Lorena Rios

    Finance Manager

  • Ricard Martí


  • Cyril Lefay


  • Xavier Colomés


  • Mª Daniela Nuñez

    Area Sales Manager (UK)

  • Marc Sala

    Art Director

  • Jairo Pastor


  • Sergi Massó

    Mobile & Full-Stack Developer

  • Christian Picard

    Co-Founder, Head Operation & Strategy

  • Christian Rodríguez

    Founder & CEO

  • Guillermo Gaspart

    Founder & Chairman

  • Mariia Iushkova

    Revenue & Welcome Assistant

  • Giulia Pizzatti

    Hotels Account Executive

  • Davide Bregoli

    Marketing Assistant Italy

  • Iván Hidalgo

    Senior Developer

  • Alejandro

    Finance Assistant

Where you can find us
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Global HQ: Edificio Palau de Mar 3A2, 1 Plaza Pau Vila, Barcelona (Spain) 08039