BYHOURS is the first unique online international platform and mobile application that allows to book a microstay in more than 4000 hotels by packages of 3,6 and 24 hours. Started in Barcelona in 2012 by Christian Rodríguez and Guillermo Gaspart, BYHOURS leads the pay-per-use model in more than 24 countries and 600 destinations in Europe and Latin America, as well as in points of interconnection of flights to the Middle East. BYHOURS has recently opened a second office in Mexico to grow its business in the Latin American region, and soon going to the United States. The application already has more than 250,000 international clients.


BYHOURS has been awarded numerous times for its strong commitment to improve flexibility of the hotel industry. Until now it was very challenging to innovate in a mature industry led by traditional rules and operations. Today, it is now possible to sell rooms day and night, thus providing benefit to both hoteliers and customers. Thanks to BYHOURS service, the customer only pays for the hours used in the room. On the other hand, hotels can sell or resell those rooms that have already been booked, once the client finishes his stay.

  • — SMEs of the Year, Carles Ferrer Salat de Foment del Treball Awards (2019)
  • — ITH Smart Destination Awards (2019)
  • — Awards Caixa Bank Hotel & Tourism (2018 and 2019).
  • — Finalist in the first tourist startup competition of the UNWTO “1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition” (2019)
  • — #StartupsFights by Deloitte (2018)
  • — South Summit - startup Travel category (2018)
  • — EIT Digital Challenge finalists (2018)
  • — Startmeapp finalist for Huawei and El País (2018)
  • — eCommerce Awards (2018)
  • — eCommerce Awards (2018)
  • — Red Herring finalists (2018)
  • — Open Awards Finalists (2018)
  • — Best Mobile App Awards (2018)
  • — Bully Awards finalist (2017)
  • — Best Startup at the eCommerce Awards (2016)



Building Palau de Mar 3A2
Plaza Pau Vila, 1 08039


Homero Avenue 109, Office 502
Polanco V Secc, Miguel Hidalgo
11560 Mexico City