User Agreement

Using BYHOURS services implies acceptance of these General User Agreement:

  1. Acceptance and availability of the User Agreement

    BYHOURS Travel S.L is a Spanish company established in Barcelona, in Edificio Palau de Mar 3A2, Plaza Pau Vila number 1, 08003, CIF B65729030, telephone (+34) 934 124 622, email , registered in the Central Registry of Barcelona, volume 43037, Folio 0148, Sheet / Duo 418 828, Entry 1, Section GENERAL. By accepting this contract, you declare: That you are a person of legal age and have the capacity to engage in a legal contract, That you have read and have accepted the User Agreement. These General User Agreement regulate the legal relationship that arises from the contract process conducted among users/customers of the website located at URL BYHOURS Travel SL (henceforth: BYHOURS). Users/customers accept the User Agreement from the moment they use hire or purchase any product. This document can be printed and stored by the users/clients. BYHOURS can be contacted at this e-mail so that they can ask any questions about the User Agreement.

  2. Applicable rules

    The General User Agreement are subject to the provisions of Law 7/1998 of 13 April on GTC, the Royal Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which passed the Consumers and Users, Royal Decree 1906/1999, of 17 December 1999 regulating the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, the law 7/1996 of 15 January Retail Trade, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

    Tourist accommodation (taxation) law
    Local typeBarcelona city rate (euros)International rate (euros)
    5 star hotels, luxury and cruisers2.502.50
    4 star hotels1.251.00
    Other accommodations and equipments0.750.50

    The tourist rate may vary depending on the hotel. So depending on the situation and category thereof, the rate payable will be different.

  3. Modification of User Agreement

    BYHOURS may modify the User Agreement by notifying the user-clients in advance, in order to improve the services and products offered through BYHOURS. Said modifications will be notified through the inclusion of a message on the website itself, and must be expressly accepted by the client-users. Said modifications will not be applicable retroactively and will not affect, therefore, the orders made prior to the modification.In any case, the User Agreement contained herein are mandatory and binding; any person who does not accept these terms cannot use BYHOURS and /or its services.

    These User Agreement do not create any partnership agreement mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between BYHOURS and users/customers.

    BYHOURS reserves the right to reject any or cancel any request, but is not obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision or without providing any compensation.

  4. Services description

    BYHOURS is the first flexible online reservations platform, the customer makes reservations though packs of hours. The idea was born to allow users to: book hotel rooms, and use the hotels services, paying only for the time they want to enjoy the room. Now the customer decides when they check-in and check-out, and pay only for these hours. Leaving behind: 12.00 o’clock check-in and 12.00 o´clock check-out. At the customer chooses; the city, the time they arrive at the hotel, and the hours they will be there. We offer packs of hours according to the customer’s preferences. Followers of BYHOURS in different social networks refer and recommend our services, generating a high volume of sales and high visibility for our retail partners, in this case hotels.


    • Offer Prices advertised in our promotions and banners are equivalent to the fair price for packs of hours offered by different hotels. Therefore, the prices advertised in BYHOURS are the best deals that the hotel can offer their customers/users for bookings by packs of hours.

    • Follow/Recommend BYHOURS The customer/user can follow BYHOURS using the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Pinterest. The customer/user can also access our social networks using their corresponding buttons, which are found at When a customer/user recommends BYHOURS it is directed from their own email address, facilitating BYHOURS access to their profile using the link "Share". It is the user-customer that is liable for such recommendation. BYHOURS holds no responsibility because it’s the customer/user that is making said recommendations, or directly at,; o

    • BYHOURS competitions BYHOURS has the power to run competitions through its website when it chooses. The participation for said competition of the customer/user is completely voluntary. Information requested may include personal information. By participating, you agree to all terms and conditions to be specified clearly in the rules.
  5. Shipping method

    Once a booking has been made you will receive a confirmation email. Please remember to print this out and take it to the hotel.

  6. Return or cancellation

    The reservation holder has the right to cancel their reservation up-to 24 hours before the hotel stay, free of any charge from the hotel, except for special events such as: Open Luxury Days in which there is no right of cancellation or in specific promotions where it is specified. In the case that the hotel has charged the customer before the date of the booking, which the customer has then cancelled 24 hours before their stay, the hotel is obliged to refund the charged amount. Reservations may be cancelled using any one of these methods: 1. By accessing the cancellation link that appears in the booking confirmation that the customer receives through email. 2. Accessing the link that appears in "How to cancel my reservation?" in FAQ. 3. By calling or sending an email to our customer service. The cancellation is not effective until the customer has received an email from BYHOURS confirming that the reservation is cancelled.

  7. Payment method and security

    In BYHOURS you will find different forms of payment: reservations that you pay directly during the reservations process and reservations in which you will pay directly at the hotel, in these ones you will only pay the booking fee during the reservation process. Our system uses encryption technology. The encryption technology allows you to safely transmit all personal data in a transaction, such as name, address or credit card number. The data is encrypted so that only those involved in a transaction can interpret it. The encryption prevents access to the data buy outside individuals or any other transactions. It is informed that as it is included in the applicable legislation, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, given the profile of the service, the client will not have the right of withdrawal. Contact us at to resolve the issue. Or call us to the phone numer you can find here.

  8. Customer/user requirements
    • Customer/User requirements

      It is the obligation of the user-customer to complete the booking process by filling in the required BYHOURS booking form. The customer/user may book as many rooms as they like.

      The confirmation of the purchase order indicates that the customer/user accepts the user terms of the service offered, and is bound by the conditions of sale included in the description of the service, to the extent that they do not violate the law or the Terms Use and other policies BYHOURS.

    • Hotel requirements

      BYHOURS are providers of the participating hotels in the online platform ( and give availability in terms of days and times of check-in and check-out. Thus the services offered by BYHOURS are managed through its platform. The hotel has an obligation to comply with all User Agreement and privacy policy set out in the booking platform (

      As for cancellations, the provider has the obligation to not charge the user/customer for a hotel reservation once reservation has been cancelled. The room then is automatically available on the BYHOURS platform once more. In the case that the hotel has charged the customer/user for a room before it has been used: which has then been cancelled, it’s then compulsory that the hotel repays the amount. Likewise, it is the Hoteliers obligation to meet the conditions of the sale, the features and specifications of products and services offered, as well as guarantees which are provided when required.

  9. Prohibitions

    Users-BYHOURS Customers cannot:

    To make a booking until they have accepted the User Agreement available at BYHOURS. Confirm a booking when it is certain that they will then make a cancellation, this action disrupts the proper functioning of the system and undermines the benefits of its Members, customers and users.

  10. Privacy and Personal Data protection

    In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, BYHOURS informs customers/users that the personal data of customers/ users will be stored and processed in the files at BYHOURS, with the aim of providing and offer our services, by providing their email address or other personal data, required for certain services. Customers/ users must give permission for the use of their personal details, which are used to send promotional commercial or advertising of services and products offered by BYHOURS. Customers/ users who provide their personal data, express consent in order for it to be submitted for the use in carrying out activities with the objectives towards the leisure sector. Users are informed that such communication can occur at the same time providing BYHOURS data. BYHOURS Customers/Users have the right to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as guaranteed by the law by revoking their consent at any time via, so that they may revoke their consent at any time if they wish. Just as exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition guaranteed by the law. BYHOURS declares that it complies with current legislation regarding data protection, including Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, developed by the Organization Act.

  11. Industrial and Intellectual Property

    The contents provided by BYHOURS are subject to the rights of intellectual property and are exclusively owned and BYHOURS or legal persons who we may inform. By purchasing a product or service through BYHOURS does not confer any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of it, reserving BYHOURS and all rights. The granting of these rights requires the prior written consent of the holder thereof, so that the customer/user may not make available to third parties said content.

    The intellectual property extends, apart from the content included in BYHOURS, its graphics, logos, designs, images and source codes used for programming. BYHOURS has obtained the information and materials on the web from sources considered reliable, and has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the information is correct. BYHOURS cannot guarantee that at all times and circumstances that information is accurate, complete, current, and consequently, since data is subject to change. BYHOURS expressly disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions in the information contained in the pages of this website.

    BYHOURS reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict their web content, links or information, without notice. In no event will BYHOURS assume liability for the incorrect use of their website by the user.

    In any case BYHOURS, its subsidiaries, their directors and / or agents, and employees, in general, authorized personnel is responsible for any damage, loss, claims or expenses of any kind, either whether derived directly or indirectly from the use of the website or the information acquired or accessed by or through it, or viruses, operating failures or outages or transmission failures or line in the use of the web, both by direct connection by link or otherwise. BYHOURS Acknowledges for all legal reasons that these events can occur.

    Intellectual property, rights, rights of use and reproduction of this website, its pages and the information they contain, their appearance and design, and the links ("hyperlinks") and any other pages at BYHOURS, are the exclusive property of BYHOURS, unless expressly specified otherwise. Any denomination, design and / or logo, and any product or service offered and reflected on this website are brands duly registered by BYHOURS, by its subsidiaries or third parties. Any misuse of them by persons other than their legitimate owner and without the specific consent of BYHOURS may be reported and pursued through the legal means available in the Spanish legal system.

    Intellectual property rights and brands of third parties are suitably highlighted and must be respected by all who visit this site. BYHOURS is not liable for the use of its customers/users.

    Personal and private use is allowed for: downloading content, copy or print of any page of this website. It is prohibited to reproduce, transmit, modify, delete or otherwise deal with the information, content or warnings from this site without the written permission of BYHOURS

  12. Links to other Internet sites

    The web pages at BYHOURS may contain links (links) to other third party websites. Therefore, it does not take responsibility for any content that may appear on these pages. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and other content in the BYHOURS website is the exclusive property of BYHOURS or its licensors. Any: distribution, transfer, reproduction, storage of t public communication must have the consent of BYHOURS.

  13. Cookies

    On occasions, BYHOURS uses "cookies", ie small data files that are generated in the user's computer and provide the following information:

    Date and time of the last time the user visited the web-client;
    Design and content that the client-user chose in their first visit to the site;
    Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas and Other similar circumstances.

  14. Responsabilities

    BYHOURS is only available to users-customers via a virtual space that can mediate between its customers/users and (buyers and suppliers) for the sale of goods or services. BYHOURS are not the owner of the goods or services offered. BYHOURS is involved in the transactions between is customers/users and (buyers and suppliers), but is not directly responsible for the quality, quantity, condition, integrity of goods, products or services. Each supplier acknowledges and accepts to be the sole responsible for the offers of products or services.

    In the case that the customer/user claims the of right, product and / or service, such claims or actions of any responsibility are exempt from BYHOURS, manager, managers, operators and agents.

    BYHOURS within their policies for the admission of customers/users its suppliers are also require to provide, honesty, social responsibility as well as the quality of their products and services. If this is not the case, send an email to the following contact address

  15. Compensation

    The users-clients will not hold accountable BYHOURS, its directors, administrators, representatives and employees, for any claim or demand from third parties related to its use of the activities promoted within the web portal or mobile application, as well as in the case that such claims derive from a breach by the user-client of the User Agreements and other policies that are understood to be incorporated herein or by the violation of any laws or rights of third parties.

  16. Nullity and inefficacy of the clauses

    If any clause in these User Agreement is declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or the part that is invalid or ineffectual.

  17. Notifications

    All notices, requests, demands and other communications that are e made by all in connection with the User Agreement, shall be in writing and shall be deemed when delivered by hand or sent by mail e other party via e-mail or at a given address.

  18. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    These User Agreement are governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Spanish jurisdiction.