Why booking hotel hours?
How many times have you booked a hotel and you have only stayed for the night in the room?
Or the amount of times that you have had to wait until 14:00 so that they allowed you to check in?
Or the inconvenience of getting up early during your weekend because you have to leave the hotel at 10am or 12am.
Forget it.
Your freedom has just begun.
Saving and flexibility in your reservation
Book your hotel only for the hours you really need. How? Because now you can pay only for the hours you need the room for. Enjoy 3, 6 or 12 hotel hours!
Fair Price
If you stay at the hotel only for a few hours, why should you pay for the whole day? Save money with packs of hours.
Last minute reservation!
Get your mobile and open BYHOURS App. Discover hotels near you and enjoy them in just three steps. You can see all our new offers in promo's tab!
Hotels adapted to your schedules
Now you can decide the check-in time. Your stay will start counting from this hour on.
Now in Europe's Airports
We don't want you to wait for hours and hours in the airport when you have a scale or your flight is delayed. Now you can rest in a comfortable bed in the various hotels of Europe's principal airports.
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Hotels close-by...
Soccer / football fields
In order to find your hotel hours much easier!